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Eurolast, through this page, wishes to communicate constantly with it’s customers, every significant piece of news, regarding the world of synthetic yarns in general and with particular regard to our company.

This is to guarantee the maximum transparency and professionalism always, in a reciprocate business relationship.

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Cmp® & Dryarn®: performance and style with Felpe-4-way
Published on 10/12/2019 - Very light, warm and comfortable. CMP's 4-Way Sweatshirts are ideal for winter sports enthusiasts who want to wear high-performance garments without giving up a touch of elegance - read all


Dryarn® for the total look underwear of Under Shield®
Published on 22/11/2019 -  HERO NO SLEEVE MESH - ULTRA LIGHT The Ultra Light sleeveless jacket. It has a particular perforated texture that allows you to keep the skin always dry. Thanks to seamless - read all


J bimbi® Dryarn®. The body that grows together with the child. The lightest microfiber in the world, tested in sport, exceptional for children
Published on 19/11/2019 - Dryarn technology, the lightest microfiber in the world, tested by thousands of sportsmen and appreciated by the best sportswear brands for its characteristics of breathability, - read all


Technology, protection and comfort Dryarn® for Oxyburn®'s compression clothing
Published on 23/10/2019 - It is the excellence and exclusivity typical of Made in Italy that characterizes the technical sportswear of Oxyburn, a brand with a strong orientation towards innovation - read all


Knitting Industry Castel Goffredo
Published on 11/10/2019 - The aim was to find out if the district was still world class and to try to gauge how it is evolving to compete in the now globalised and highly competitive hosiery in - read all

   Castel Goffredo.pdf

Adici and Machina Lonati institute, together for Be Dissident project
Published on 10/10/2019 - In just one week from the start of the course, 40 students are enrolled, who will respond to the demand for generation gap of skilled labor required by the hosiery!


Dynafit® Tour: long sleeve in Dryarn® and merino wool
Published on 01/10/2019 - It's almost a shame to hide it: the DYNAFIT Tour Dryarn long-sleeved shirt, with a tight fit, is made with a combination of Merino and Dryarn wool. A solution that offers - read all


Domuc Academy Milan design school with Adici for "progetto moda sportiva"
Published on 14/07/2019 - The design and sustainability of the future is born at school. Objective of the project: to develop a series of capsules in the field of sportswear and high-performance hosiery, - read all


Wolford®: increasingly beautiful hosiery but now also sustainable in econyl
Published on 05/06/2019 - The charm and beauty of the sea, recalled in a garment. For summer 2019 Wolford launches stockings in regenerated nylon from fishing nets and other materials recovered at - read all


X-Track la maglia Oxyburn in Dryarn®
Published on 22/05/2019 - Maximum breathability and excess sweat, tested even in extreme heat, the Dryarn® interior prevents the formation of unpleasant odors and guarantees the skin the maximum sensation - read all


Alterego underwear for Outwet in Dryarn
Published on 17/04/2019 - Maximum transpiration with the helodial construction of the mesh mesh holes, and with the right use of technical yarn of the Dryarn® characteristics.


Global Recycled Standard yarns provided by Eurolast
Published on 18/03/2019 - Global Recycled Standard and Transaction Certificate available from mass balances of Eurolast materials. Certified traceability useful for real and concrete sustainability - read all


Dryarn® per Thermal Active Reusch
Published on 15/03/2019 - If in sports competitions just a few grams are enough to gain many precious seconds, in the free time the lightness of a garment increases the pleasure of wearing it.


Collant moda 2019
Published on 22/02/2019 - Il collant sfila in passerella da Emporio Armani, e diventa il dettaglio cult della sfilata Autunno Inverno 2019 2020.


The racing package most coveted by mountain bikers is in Dryarn®
Published on 14/02/2019 - It was the year 2009 when the first technical race t-shirt pack in Dryarn® was aimed at cyclists registered in one of the most beautiful regional competitions. And they still - read all


Dryarn® for the sphere of well-being. Optimize posture with Spring Revolution 2.0
Published on 12/02/2019 - The Spring Rev 02 line links are designed to optimize the athlete's posture and improve breathing through an action on the rib cage. www.spring-revolution.it


Cmp® sweaters in DRYARN® at ISPO 2019
Published on 30/01/2019 - To all winter sports and fashion lovers, get ready to replace the old "pile" with the new second layer in Dryarn.


Sixs®: Dryarn® and lana merino for sportsmen comfort
Published on 28/01/2019 - Dryarn® is insulating but also BREATHABLE. Dryarn® has a “natural” capacity to prevent the absorption of moisture and is highly permeable to water vapour. Together, these - read all


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